How to clean the bathroom fast and efficiently

Sourced From Women Tips The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. An unclean bathroom is the source of many illnesses. An unclean bathroom shows what you think about hygiene. It is possible to clean the bathroom fast but efficiently. When cleaning the bathroom, your focus must be on the toilets, showers, bathtubs and all surfaces. Do not ignore the equally important faucets. If you adhere to the following steps, cleaning the bathroom fast and efficiently will be a breeze. The bathroom provides a massive challenge when trying to clean. This is because it has several components that include the sink, shower, tub, toilet, glass doors and fiberglass showers. The different components of the bathroom require more than one method to clean properly. The many components require different cleaning tools and supplies. For the most part, an all-purpose cleaning solution would suffice for the many parts of the bathroom. A clean bathroom has several benefits. A clean bathroom: a)Eliminates foul smell b)Removes bacteria c)Prevents bathroom mold d)Has aesthetic value The bathroom has several things that you should clean every day. You should focus on cleaning the sink daily. Avoid creating a dingy looking sink by cleaning it every day to
remove the buildup of hard water, soap scum and makeup. The toilet touch-up equally needs daily cleaning. Daily maintenance saves you form the unwanted task of giving the toilet touch-up the thorough cleaning it deserves. Let’s be honest, cleaning bathrooms is an important job but that doesn’t make any more fun. So, if the idea of having to clean the grime on toilet bowls and inbetween tiles is too off putting than why not pay someone else to do it. Cleaning teams are the savior you need but remember to use only the best cleaners in Brisbane.

Removing all items from their normal locations

Before you begin cleaning the bathroom, gather and remove all the items from their normal places. All the bathing supplies on the showers and bathtubs need to go. All the towels and rugs that you have used should go outside the bathroom. The items that lay carelessly on the counters located outside the bathroom have no place there until you finish cleaning the room thoroughly. Look for trashcans and remove them for the time being.


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Dusting and sweeping

Dusting and sweeping the bathroom thoroughly is the most effective way of eradicating dust, dirt and other forms of debris from the room. Dust the corners of the bathroom, where spiders build their cobwebs. Dust the vents and light fixtures. Use a duster fitted on a long handle, but if this is unable to do the job, you should climb on a stepladder to reach the highest points of the room. Sweeping and vacuuming the floors for hair and other debris should follow afterwards.

Applying the right cleaners on the bathtubs and showers

Obtain an all-purpose cleaner and apply it on the bathtubs and showers. Do this only if you clean the bathroom regularly. Where you are guilty of cleaning the bathroom on rare occasions, obtain and use an acid cleaner, which has the qualities and strength required to eradicate serious buildup of debris and dirt. The shower track and inner parts of the shower door should not escape your attention, as they are guilty of playing host to all manner of debris and unwanted filth.

Tackling all surfaces

You cannot do this work without an all-purpose cleaner. First, spray the cleaner on the cleaning tool or device that you intend to use. For this purpose, you can use sponge or a microfiber cloth. Wipe the towel racks, baseboards, shelves, blinds, doors and windowsills in the bathroom thoroughly and repeatedly. Always start wiping from the top to the bottom or left to right. Do not forget to work in sections, thus ensuring that you do a thorough job cleaning the surfaces.

Mixing cleaning solution properly

Prepare the right kind of cleaning solution for the floor. For the most part, the floor is the wettest and probably most unhygienic part of the bathroom. It needs thorough cleaning. To prepare the right cleaning solution for the floor, get some warm water into a bucket. Mix the warm water with the right volume of the all-purpose cleaner. Once the mix is ready, begin using it to clean the bathroom floor thoroughly.

Prioritizing the shower and tub

By this time, the cleaner will have disinfected the shower and tub as well as other parts of the bathroom thoroughly. However, this does not mean that you should stop prioritizing the showers and bathtub. Continue focusing on the showers and bathtubs by rubbing them gently to remove loose dirt and any debris that has built up over time. Clean all floors, walls and other surfaces properly before rinsing it thoroughly.

Cleaning the vanity area

Do not dispose of the remnants of the all-purpose cleaner before using it to clean the vanity area. Apply the all-purpose cleaner on the countertops, faucets and sinks in the bathroom. After spraying the vanity area thoroughly, use a piece of clean cloth to wipe it well. Check the sinks or soap dish for buildup of debris and other filth. Get a scrubby sponge and use it to loosen before wiping the vanity area clean of all buildup. Clean the mirror using a glass cleaner.

Cleaning the toilet

The all-purpose cleaner is sufficient at cleaning the toilet that receives regular scrubbing all the time. Identify the best toilet-specific cleaner and use it in cleaning toilet before the buildup intensifies. Focus on the outside of the toilet too, by spraying it with the all-purpose cleaner first. Afterwards, obtain a clean piece of cloth, which you should then use in wiping the outside of the toilet properly.

Mopping the floor

Mop the floor once again. Mop the floor after finishing all the other cleaning tasks. Submerge the mop into the bucket that contains cleaning solution. Squeeze out the remaining excess water from the mop. Thereafter, use the mop in cleaning the bathroom floor. By this stage, you should have cleaned the rugs and emptied the trashcan. Return the rugs and trashcan to the bathroom, but only if they are dry. Check that the floor is also dry before returning the trashcan and rugs. Finally, remember that a clean bathroom is good for the entire family. The buildup of bathroom mold can have serious health implications, especially to the young children. A dirty bathroom is unhygienic. Clean the bathroom regular and you will never have to perform thorough cleaning job, which few people are willing to spend the time doing. Use the right kind of tools and cleaning supplies. Above all, realize that cleaning the bathroom is beneficial to everybody.


Common Roofing Problems

Breakdown of common things that can go wrong with your roof

Common problems with your roof are identifiable on your own, but it is highly recommended to hire a qualified roofing contractor in Toronto and the GTA that will assure a thorough check of the home or businesses roof and the necessary steps to repair it.

You can take it on yourself , by checking the areas around the roof edges and the chimney looking for cracked shingles , loose material and other deterioration. Eavestroughs and any skylights should be debris free.

If there are any leaks that you know of coming from your chimney, skylight or roof, call a contractor and have it fixed as soon as possible. Obviously this would be much easier during milder weather. Dams build up when twigs and leaves pile up in the eavestrough, so removing them would eliminate it.

As you clean the eavestrough of debris, lookout for shingle granules. If there are a lot of granules, it’s an indication that the shingles are nearing the end of their lives.
Roofing company in Toronto finalizing a roof in the cities east end
Drains and side elbow and downspouts are also just as important to keep debris free. Be sure that your washroom and kitchen vents spew outside and not just in your space, this will make things damp where moisture shouldn’t be.

Have you checked the condition of your chimney? is it straight? is it cracked or missing pieces of mortar? Be sure to see if the roofing line isn’t bending or sagging.

Flat roofs are also damage prone, and they tend to need repair sooner than a pitched roof. This only has to do with pooling water compared to a pitched roof where the water just runs off. This is mostly true for flat roofs that have been built over 5 years ago, as materials have improved and extended the lifespan of modern flat roofs.

Periodic checking of roofs from indoors is crucial. Spotting water damage in attic or roof space areas as well as sagging, leaks or water damage. A roof leak can usually be spotted as a large dark spot or dripping water. Look and see if you can see the outside through the roof, checking for wood rot, mould fungus and dampness.

Proper maintenance and frequent checkups on and under your roof will ensure that you are proactive in the situation and take preventative measures as oppose to repair which will cost bundles more. If you take these measures and use a qualified contractor to do the work, you can rest assured that your roof will do it’s job properly and you won’t have to worry about repairs for years to come.

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DIY pond

First things first

When deciding what type of pond you will be building, the very first thing you should consider is the type of aquatic life you want in the pond. From plants to fish or no life at all but maybe just a waterfall. Each type of pond will have specific features that it will be designed for and so it is the best starting point in the construction of any pond.

Man Made Pond?

Ponds are a perfect way to ad some natural beauty to any property or project you are working on. A body of water and possibly a waterfall will turn any setting into a more tranquil environment with the look of the pond and the acoustics of the waterfall if installed. The option of adding fish will also give it more natural appeal.

Plant Life

If your pond is meant for aesthetic pleasure, you’ll likely want to look into various plant selections you can add. The more thought out your plant selection, the better results will be as plants turn an average looking body of water into a garden that sustains life as well, your pond is alive.


Make sure you also look into species of fish if you are considering adding fish into your pond as certain species do have specific environmental requirements that need to be met to sustain them. This does take up some of your time and energy but many fish pond owners all agree that it is well worth the effort and energy spent as you can enjoy your fish pond if done properly for years to come.


Like any project around the house a pond does require some use of specific equipment to make it all happen, however ambitious your particular project for your pond is. Equipment is very important in building a naturally smooth pond.


Benefits of Exterior and Interior Stucco

Benefits of Exterior and Interior Stucco Both Commercial and Residential

Stucco has been amongst the most popular option for wall finishes. Many commercial and res


idential have been opting to use stucco. Initially, stucco was a popular option for exterior wall finishes but things have changed now with the development of new technology behind stucco that allows even for interior wall finishes.
If you have a residential or commercial facility that needs classic interior and exterior wall finishes, then you should think of using stucco. There are many benefits that you will get for using stucco over other products such as brick. Here below are some of the benefits that you will get.
•    Variety of Stucco Texture
There are varieties of stucco textures that you can choose from. The textures come in different colors and finishes. This is beneficial to you since you will enjoy the benefit of choosing the most adorable texture for your wall.

•    Flexible
Stucco Toronto is quite flexible meaning that it can fit any design requirement for both commercial and residential properties.

•    Timeless Aesthetics
The reason why many people are using stucco is due to their aesthetic effects. They are very attractive to the eye and thus fit for interior and exterior in commercial and residential. The best thing is that the aesthetics offered by stucco last forever. It will never lose its taste.

•    Maintenance Free
You do not need to paint when dirty. All you have to is to wash off dirt with water and you will be done. This reduces the cost of maintenance.

•    Durable
Stucco is known for its durability. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable wall finish then you have stucco as your best option. There is a guarantee that it will last for long.

•    Weatherproof
Stucco does not allow water to go through. This makes it an ideal finishing option for both commercial and residential.
It is also resistant to mold and mildew.

•    Controls Noise
If you live or have a commercial facility in a noisy city, then you can use stucco as a wall finish that will help you in controlling external noise. With stucco, you can stay free from the external noise and thus enjoy peace of mind.
There are many other benefits of exterior and interior stucco both for commercial and residential. All you need to do is to ensure that your building has stucco applied on the walls to enjoy the numerous benefits that have been highlighted.