An espresso machine in your bathroom?

HGTV star gives home remodeling tips

HGTV and DIY star Matthew Muenster has renovated hundreds of bathrooms in his career — from petite powder rooms to spacious, spa-like retreats. And over the years, he’s picked up on a few tricks and trends. Here are his best.

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Choose a New Hot Water Heater With Care

The majority of individuals a water heater floods house in their home every day, yet numerous people don’t even know where their hot water heater is located at. The most recent models are much quieter than their predecessors, and some of them can be located under a sink where it is hidden.

The hot water heater furnishes the hot water for showers, laundry, and dishwashing. There are several different kinds of hot water heaters that come from numerous different companies. Some of these heaters are more energy efficient than other types. For those who are cost conscious, you should investigate the energy efficiency of each water heater before buying any product.

How water heater are available in different models that are powered by solar energy, gas and electricity. There are the heat pump, demand, storage, indirect and solar water heaters. The room kind of heaters stores many gallons of water in each tank. The application type of water heater consumes much less energy than the tank type of models since these guys don’t keep the water heated until the moment that it is required.

The demand version of water heaters may not be a useful option if your numerous activities in the home need hot water simultaneously. Heat pump models have a tendency to conserve more energy due to the technology used in the design.

Some Hot Water Heaters Are Superior to Others

Many people may believe that a water heater is a simple type of machine with a basic job to do so they are all similar. The majority of people don’t have their water heater stored in a conspicuous place, so the color is of lesser importance, and the appearance is not relevant either. There are some elements that set each type of water heater and apart from one another.

There are numerous people that would agree that the storage type of tank water heater that is powered by gas is the most efficient machine. These are the most prevalent kind that is available on the market. Each owner of a home needs to look at all of the models to determine which is best suited for their households particular needs.

There are several large companies that produce hot water heaters. These water heaters are made available through department stores that specialize in appliances and the more major home improvement types of stores. Numerous people don’t consider purchasing a new water heater until their old ones break down, yet the newer models could end up saving the homeowner money regarding energy expenditures so purchasing one now might save money for the household.

The price of the water heater includes more than simply the unit itself. The price of the added fuel that provides power to the unit might add much to the initial cost over the life of the appliance.

When your hot water heater releases a rotten egg smell, it is the result of a decaying sacrificial anode rod. The smell is caused by bacteria forming in the water supply. After flushing your water heater and purchasing a new rod, the smell should subside.

Strange noises are an additional sign that your hot water heater needs to be flushed out. When sediments build up, they strain the water heater, making it whine or rumble. By cleaning your water heater and replacing it with new water, you will take this pressure off your heater and allow it to run more efficiently.

When your hot water heater is leaking, check if the temperature and pressure valve needs replacing. If this doesn’t seem to be the cause, make sure there is no rusting or pooling in the combustion chamber of the tank. If a problem with the combustion chamber is the culprit, you most likely need a new water heater.

The quality of the hot water produced by your water heater can be the problem. If no hot water is given at all, the pilot light may be out, or the thermocouple needs to be replaced. Getting a new thermocouple or relighting the pilot will do the trick.

If your water doesn’t get boiling, it often is the result of hot and cold water connections crossing paths. To test for this, shut off the water feeding the water heater and open the hot water tap. If you see water still flowing that means water from your other appliances is feeding into your hot water heater.

If problems persist, call an emergency plumber or professional water damage restoration company like or Servpro. This could mean the causes are multifaceted or your hot water heater needs to be replaced. Remember to always research proper methods and your local plumbing codes before attempting to resolve any problems yourself.


DIY pond

First things first

When deciding what type of pond you will be building, the very first thing you should consider is the type of aquatic life you want in the pond. From plants to fish or no life at all but maybe just a waterfall. Each type of pond will have specific features that it will be designed for and so it is the best starting point in the construction of any pond.

Man Made Pond?

Ponds are a perfect way to ad some natural beauty to any property or project you are working on. A body of water and possibly a waterfall will turn any setting into a more tranquil environment with the look of the pond and the acoustics of the waterfall if installed. The option of adding fish will also give it more natural appeal.

Plant Life

If your pond is meant for aesthetic pleasure, you’ll likely want to look into various plant selections you can add. The more thought out your plant selection, the better results will be as plants turn an average looking body of water into a garden that sustains life as well, your pond is alive.


Make sure you also look into species of fish if you are considering adding fish into your pond as certain species do have specific environmental requirements that need to be met to sustain them. This does take up some of your time and energy but many fish pond owners all agree that it is well worth the effort and energy spent as you can enjoy your fish pond if done properly for years to come.


Like any project around the house a pond does require some use of specific equipment to make it all happen, however ambitious your particular project for your pond is. Equipment is very important in building a naturally smooth pond.


Benefits of Exterior and Interior Stucco

Benefits of Exterior and Interior Stucco Both Commercial and Residential

Stucco has been amongst the most popular option for wall finishes. Many commercial and res


idential have been opting to use stucco. Initially, stucco was a popular option for exterior wall finishes but things have changed now with the development of new technology behind stucco that allows even for interior wall finishes.
If you have a residential or commercial facility that needs classic interior and exterior wall finishes, then you should think of using stucco. There are many benefits that you will get for using stucco over other products such as brick. Here below are some of the benefits that you will get.
•    Variety of Stucco Texture
There are varieties of stucco textures that you can choose from. The textures come in different colors and finishes. This is beneficial to you since you will enjoy the benefit of choosing the most adorable texture for your wall.

•    Flexible
Stucco Toronto is quite flexible meaning that it can fit any design requirement for both commercial and residential properties.

•    Timeless Aesthetics
The reason why many people are using stucco is due to their aesthetic effects. They are very attractive to the eye and thus fit for interior and exterior in commercial and residential. The best thing is that the aesthetics offered by stucco last forever. It will never lose its taste.

•    Maintenance Free
You do not need to paint when dirty. All you have to is to wash off dirt with water and you will be done. This reduces the cost of maintenance.

•    Durable
Stucco is known for its durability. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable wall finish then you have stucco as your best option. There is a guarantee that it will last for long.

•    Weatherproof
Stucco does not allow water to go through. This makes it an ideal finishing option for both commercial and residential.
It is also resistant to mold and mildew.

•    Controls Noise
If you live or have a commercial facility in a noisy city, then you can use stucco as a wall finish that will help you in controlling external noise. With stucco, you can stay free from the external noise and thus enjoy peace of mind.
There are many other benefits of exterior and interior stucco both for commercial and residential. All you need to do is to ensure that your building has stucco applied on the walls to enjoy the numerous benefits that have been highlighted.