Got Squirrels in the Attic?

Squirrels in the attic are by far the most common of human wildlife conflicts across North America. The most common indicators are noises such as scratching that can be heard on the ceiling. There are many different types of critters that can inhabit the attics of buildings such as bats, raccoons, rats and of course squirrels. The attic isn’t the only place they’ll take up in the house, oftentimes they will use other areas as well, from floor spaces to voids in walls. Noises in your attic are a good indicator that there are squirrels living in your attic, as it is easy to determine. They are active during the day, and so if you hear scurrying and scratching noises during the day, it’s most likely going to be squirrels. Many other animals that do sometimes inhabit attics, are normally nocturnal.

How did the squirrels get in?

Typically squirrels will choose an attic that is conveniently located to their normal home. They are formidable climbers and are excellent at chewing, and the wooden fascia boards or other access points into your home are no match. Of course if there is an easier way in, they are opportunistic and would spend less energy. Small gaps are easy for squirrels to squeeze through and often times chewing is not required. The most common point of entry is any place where the eves drop meets the roof.

What kind of damage can they cause?

Squirrels often gather nesting material from your home materials! Wall paper, insulation around pipes and vent ducts are all fair game to the squirrel trying to make a cozy nest. By far the most dangerous problem is that they chew electrical wires which is extremely vulnerable to causing fires, it’s estimated that half of all house fires that are of an unknown origin, are usually due to chewed electrical wires. PVC plumbing, tripped alarms and power outages have all been caused due to this chewing. So not only is electrical at risk, but also water damage can be inflicted. Rule of thumb is , if there are wires or any of these materials in your attic, the squirrels will gnaw on them. Dead squirrels also pose another issue, as a dead squirrels odour is overbearing, and they have to be removed. Urine and feces are also everywhere, and have to be cleaned as they do pose a hazardous risk in the form of disease.


To get down to it, it’s very important to find entrance and exit points. Once you locate the entry holes, there are special traps that need to be mounted. A one way exclusion door can be mounted right on the hole, or the repeater trap. The repeater trap will trap them all in one shot, where as the exclusion door will allow them out , but not back in. Secondary holes absolutely must be sealed shut for this to work. Other solutions include small cages set on the roof, under eaves etc. Although cage traps often fail at fully capturing the squirrels and often miss the target critters. Once it’s %100 that all squirrels have been removed by a professional Toronto squirrel removal service the squirrels are relocated at least 5km away and then the entry holes can be sealed. It’s also a good idea to check for electrical wiring as the squirrels often gnaw on them, also check to remove any nesting materials as well as feces left behind. Attics are used by squirrels to give birth, and it’s important to handle the baby squirrels in a humane manner.


An espresso machine in your bathroom?

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HGTV and DIY star Matthew Muenster has renovated hundreds of bathrooms in his career — from petite powder rooms to spacious, spa-like retreats. And over the years, he’s picked up on a few tricks and trends. Here are his best.

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DIY pond

First things first

When deciding what type of pond you will be building, the very first thing you should consider is the type of aquatic life you want in the pond. From plants to fish or no life at all but maybe just a waterfall. Each type of pond will have specific features that it will be designed for and so it is the best starting point in the construction of any pond.

Man Made Pond?

Ponds are a perfect way to ad some natural beauty to any property or project you are working on. A body of water and possibly a waterfall will turn any setting into a more tranquil environment with the look of the pond and the acoustics of the waterfall if installed. The option of adding fish will also give it more natural appeal.

Plant Life

If your pond is meant for aesthetic pleasure, you’ll likely want to look into various plant selections you can add. The more thought out your plant selection, the better results will be as plants turn an average looking body of water into a garden that sustains life as well, your pond is alive.


Make sure you also look into species of fish if you are considering adding fish into your pond as certain species do have specific environmental requirements that need to be met to sustain them. This does take up some of your time and energy but many fish pond owners all agree that it is well worth the effort and energy spent as you can enjoy your fish pond if done properly for years to come.


Like any project around the house a pond does require some use of specific equipment to make it all happen, however ambitious your particular project for your pond is. Equipment is very important in building a naturally smooth pond.


Benefits of Exterior and Interior Stucco

Benefits of Exterior and Interior Stucco Both Commercial and Residential

Stucco has been amongst the most popular option for wall finishes. Many commercial and res


idential have been opting to use stucco. Initially, stucco was a popular option for exterior wall finishes but things have changed now with the development of new technology behind stucco that allows even for interior wall finishes.
If you have a residential or commercial facility that needs classic interior and exterior wall finishes, then you should think of using stucco. There are many benefits that you will get for using stucco over other products such as brick. Here below are some of the benefits that you will get.
•    Variety of Stucco Texture
There are varieties of stucco textures that you can choose from. The textures come in different colors and finishes. This is beneficial to you since you will enjoy the benefit of choosing the most adorable texture for your wall.

•    Flexible
Stucco Toronto is quite flexible meaning that it can fit any design requirement for both commercial and residential properties.

•    Timeless Aesthetics
The reason why many people are using stucco is due to their aesthetic effects. They are very attractive to the eye and thus fit for interior and exterior in commercial and residential. The best thing is that the aesthetics offered by stucco last forever. It will never lose its taste.

•    Maintenance Free
You do not need to paint when dirty. All you have to is to wash off dirt with water and you will be done. This reduces the cost of maintenance.

•    Durable
Stucco is known for its durability. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable wall finish then you have stucco as your best option. There is a guarantee that it will last for long.

•    Weatherproof
Stucco does not allow water to go through. This makes it an ideal finishing option for both commercial and residential.
It is also resistant to mold and mildew.

•    Controls Noise
If you live or have a commercial facility in a noisy city, then you can use stucco as a wall finish that will help you in controlling external noise. With stucco, you can stay free from the external noise and thus enjoy peace of mind.
There are many other benefits of exterior and interior stucco both for commercial and residential. All you need to do is to ensure that your building has stucco applied on the walls to enjoy the numerous benefits that have been highlighted.